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SAP Service

Why your business needs an SAP aid

SAP Technology for your business

Digital intervention is a powerful boon for any business. The right tools for handling business operations ensure impeccable consumer experience and the organization’s growth. Being an SAP consulting company, WaysNX can identify the challenges of your firm and implement the change through SAP tools with precision and expertise.

Our skilled SAP consultants see to it that the assessment of your business requirement is accurate, and the most fitting solutions are offered. WaysNX provides end-to-end SAP services – right from identifying needs to the support. We make sure you experience uninterrupted & upgraded implementation of operations within the organization.

WaysNX SAP Solutions

WaysNX provides SAP Enterprise solutions with full-proof assistance during the entire deployment process. We serve a wide range of industries with SAP applications, having a central focus on:

  • SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)


SAP HRMS- Human Resource Management System is a software solution from SAP, responsible for handling the workforce in an enterprise by storing all the core data in it, accessing it in real-time, and providing a means for transparent, end-to-end HRMS process.

SAP offers the following four distinct products/services for you to build a more flexible and engaged workforce and adaptable business.

  1. Employee experience management: collect feedback, allow your employees to challenge themselves and thrive in their field. Provide them with superior employee experience through this software.
  2. Core HR and Payroll: Using this tool, you can deliver core HR global solutions, payroll, time tracking, and more.
  3. Talent management: Utilize this powerful software for recruiting, onboarding, performance assessment, learning, and much more. Identify and resolve talent needs effortlessly.
  4. HR analytics and workforce planning: Get insights into each HR process, access data in real-time, and make crucial decisions faster. Adopt people analytics and workforce planning tools to improve pan organization performance.

SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

SAP CRM system is a wide array of excellent and well-thought offerings that can cater to different industries and organizations of any size. SAP’s Customer Relationship Management system cements all customer-facing activities: sales, marketing, customer service, and e-commerce together to speed fast, simplify, and improve the way you run your business.

 SAP’s distinct and comprehensive CRM & Customer Experience solutions are:

  • SAP Customer Experience solutions 
  • Customer Data 
  • Marketing 
  • Commerce 
  • Sales 
  • Service 

SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

ERP for small businesses and mid-size companies integrates everything in one, highly responsive, fast, and intelligent system by SAP. The on-premise and cloud solution allows companies to manage accounting, CRM to Supply chain, and purchasing in one software.

ERP for SME connects every department of your business effectively to redefine operational excellence and resilience.

Increase business agility with this all-in-one ERP system.


SAP HANA is an innovative, path-breaking in-memory database that allows you to make data-driven, real-time decisions and perform actions for your business. The extremely efficient HANA database offers advanced analytics on multi-model data.

With SAP HANA in place, you can make informed decisions via accessing data On-The-Go, comparing analytics, and stay ahead of the competition with quick actions. SAP HANA could be adopted on-premise or in the cloud, based on your business requirements.

Other SAP Services:

WaysNX provides support for the following SAP solutions along with the above mentioned four primary systems.

  1. GRC
  2. Business One
  3. Edge Services
  4. ERM: Q/A reviews and disaster recovery mitigation
  5. Enterprise Learning

Why Choose SAP for your business?

  1. Grand reach: SAP is the most popular and localized for over 120 countries. SAP software is broken down into 25 different industries, catering their unique business requirements. It has a massive service partner network, and more than 12000 partner companies are collaborating with SAP.
  2. SAP provides real-time analytics: The analytics specific software – SAP HANA works at a lightning-fast speed, processes data in seconds to give you an accurate result.
  • Offers investment security: SAP is a giant company with enormous sales figures, large customer base and profits. The SAP applications are less likely to crash hang or lag. Your investment with SAP remains safe as SAP continues to stay up to date and responsive with their offering. 
  • It’s scalable: in a layman’s term, when introducing a system, only a few processes and functions can be used initially. Furthermore, these functions can be exposed to a limited number of users in the first phase. After a successful initial phase, additional processes can be merged with SAP, and more users can be added. In such manner, you can scale your SAP software sighting the needs. Moreover, SAP is available in a range of different languages to further simplify the operations.

How WaysNX can help you?

We run an internal inspection to understand the business, its requirements, and operational flow to accurately identify the areas to aid with a dedicated SAP solution. WaysNX offers a complete suite of SAP support services such as SAP software licenses, SAP implementation, and development services, SAP Application Support, SAP migration, among others.

Being an SAP consultant, we will take care of every query you will have regarding the SAP solutions in place at your organization.

SAP implementation services: WaysNX houses a dedicated SAP implementation team to help clients who desire to procure, establish, run, and transform the existing business process environment into medium to large SAP environment.

The SAP professionals are experienced and responsible for delivering SAP aid with benchmarking authenticity.

SAP Support: Our support services offer clients a wholesome package of technical and functional services locally, domestically, and internationally. Our support packages will resolve all your business needs with optimum solutions.

SAP rollout: Our SAP implementation rollout services are designed for those businesses that wish to expand their existing SAP environment to other processes, locations, and functions of the organization. We assume implementing ERP as not a one-time task but a series of separate phases, hence it works fine when you decide to grow your SAP network with us.

The team comprehends the requirements and develops a custom solution as a cohesive functional module in the existing SAP environment. The right strategies and powerful resources enable our consultant team to carry out implementations and rollouts in a well-managed, précised, and controlled way. As a result, rollout works smoothly causing little to no disruptions in other operations.

Migration: If you wish to migrate from one SAP application to another viz, ECC to S4 HANA – we serve the need with our industry expertise and proven consulting methodology. WaysNX collaborates with you for the migration process in such a way that it sticks to the budget and reduces downtime.

Upgrades: SAP products generally evolve rapidly, offering a broad spectrum of advantages and features. We have an SAP upgrade policy in place to notify you of the updates and effectively acquire the same in the existing SAP apps/services.  Our strategy makes sure that the upgrade implementation is glitch-free, keeping the current system intact.

WaysNX Technologies prioritizes the update implementation to provide your business with cutting-edge technology.

Why WaysNX for SAP Services:

  1. Specialist SAP consultants
  2. Thorough understanding of SAP technology and major modules
  3. Dedicated professionals for implementation & rollout
  4. Extensive experience in SAP service offering
  5. Timely delivery, right budgeting & profound solutions.