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Why it’s wise to consider FB advertising

Why it’s wise to consider FB advertising?

Facebook, since its launch, has been engaging users with practical social networking features, superb performance and ease of use. Wielding the crown of the top social media channel, Facebook has grown so much to offer everyone with something. It’s the most appealing and significant advertising platform right now.

In this post, we are going to share why it’s crucial to consider FB to market your offerings. Let’s get into details.

Reasons to advertise on Facebook:

  1. Highly interactive and user friendly: even if you’re a first-timer, setting an FB campaign is quite simple. The UX is smooth and allows you to find out menus easily. Facebook advertising can bring favourable results for your business. Digital advertising results in an impressive ROI with the right campaign strategy and the product.

From small local businesses to large brands, Facebook features ads from all. All it takes is a Facebook membership. Anyone can log in to Facebook, set up a business manager account, set up a payment method and get going with Facebook ad campaign instantly.

  • It drives results: This social networking channel has more than one billion active users. The advertising platform of Facebook lets businesses address their potential customers with the right deal through advertising. All you need to do is, set up the campaign the right way, strategically target the audience and deliver a strong ad copy that would make prospects to discover more.

People all over the world agreed to have found products on Facebook. More than 50% of the global population now has access to the internet. It’s only logical to launch the digital ad campaigns to drive leads to your business.

  • Ability to target the right audience: audience targeting on Facebook is so powerful and thorough that you, as an advertiser can filter your audience using their demographic such as age, gender, location and so on.

It analyses users’ behaviour on your website, engagement with the Facebook page and many other factors. You can further optimize one location to several postcodes where you think your ideal user base resides. All these thorough methods allow you to reach the right people and increase ROI.

  • Customization of FB ad campaigns: The Facebook ad set up experience is completely hassle-free. Facebook allows different ad formats to match the interests of the audience. A video advert serves exceptionally as you can send out more details in a small chunk. Carousel image and single image ads involve graphics to convey the message effectively.

For each campaign, Facebook offers 11 ad objective alternatives to suit your campaign goals. At any given point in time, you can modify your ad copy, graphics, design, landing page and virtually every element out there, including the following details:

  • Bidding
  • Target audience
  • Delivery optimization

All these factors and high customization make Facebook the widely preferred advertising platform that lets you have a feature-rich & personalized ad experience.

  • Consistently evolving: Facebook ad platform is synonymous to a sustainable model, thanks to its ever-changing nature and drive to deliver something of value and practicality. Facebook keeps adding up new features and refining the user experience to make it more appealing to the advertisers and the customers.

A variety of ad formats and options for dynamic ads among other additions result in making Facebook ad network the most celebrated one. All these exiting and new updates cater to make Facebook a powerful and easy to use digital advertising platform.

Advantages of Facebook advertising:

While there are many, let’s take a look at some of the chief benefits of marketing on Facebook:

Aligns with both B2B and B2C businesses:

Facebook ads not only work well with B2C but are also quite constructive with the B2B segment. The extensive range of features to target the audience, on-point targeting segments for B2B needs such as:

  • Job title
  • Business travellers
  • Interest industry
  • Job title

Contribute to finding a potential customer base for the B2B. With the right offer, well-thought campaign and strategic use of all technicalities of Facebook ad platform, one can achieve remarkable ROI for both B2B and B2C.

Offers a range of ad formats:

Facebook offers its users to create a single image, carousel, and video ads along with other alternatives to take the message across the masses. It also provides A B testing environment to assess which ad format and copy perform well.

Sponsored ads are something gaining massive popularity recently. If a business allows others to post on its feed, sponsored ads might work well for those. The highly dynamic Facebook ad platform works well with all-round requirements of the businesses.

Allows you to measure the performance:

The full array of the matrix for performance measurement by Facebook is well-thought and delivered. You can check the daily, weekly, monthly results of the ad campaign against the demographics: age, gender and location along with average costing per result.

It lets you find out the reach and engagement statistics of the ads. Once you place the Facebook pixel on the website, Facebook auto optimizes the campaign by finding the user profiles with high probabilities of converting and serving the ads to the most suitable user base.

Helps in audience engagement:

Apart from pulling traffic, driving conversions, spreading brand awareness Facebook marketing also results in improved user engagements. You can be in touch with existing users by periodically letting them know what’s new and how your business is the right place for getting their work done.

It helps your existing customers and prospects to know about the latest updates, new offerings which could result in increased followers and improved engagement.

Why advertise on Facebook in 2020:

2020 might not be the year we will fondly remember. However, the pandemic situation has opened doors to new possibilities and changed the way people used to socialize. The pre-COVID 19 stats say that users spent averagely 58.5 minutes on Facebook daily. It has grown further in this year.

Businesses can make most of it and indulge in engaging their audiences through FB marketing. The effort will allow you to retarget your customers, find new customers, increase website traffic, create brand awareness and report successful conversion.

Get in touch with WaysNX Technologies today, to kick start your Facebook marketing journey. You are just a login away!