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WaysNX – Performance testing best practices

There’s no right software development without realistic, practical QA testing. Among other QA testing approaches, performance testing holds utter importance.
Today, in this post, we are going to learn what performance testing best practices are and how they contribute to achieving the optimum level of robustness and execution.

Identifying the Test environment:

A test environment is set up sighting the requirements of the application. It’s highly necessary to identify the various mediums through which the users would drive to the system. The randomness and changeability of the traffic, as well as the devices, are likely in the real world scenario. Hence, by continuously varying the environment and changing the data being passed in the system, you will face fewer issues down the line.
Thorough research set up off the environment in different scenarios would help the test team to identify and fix the bugs that are likely in the production phase.

Performance testing metrics:

The key drivers for measuring the performance of a software system or application are wait time, response time, CPU and memory utilization, load time, throughput, concurrent users, request per user, among others.
Apart from these highly significant yet fundamental performance ranking factors, User Experience plays a vital role in overall user satisfaction. When users can interact with the system effortlessly together with competitive load & response time, it qualifies for an efficient performance effort.
Perceiving performance testing activity as a wholesome package rather than only focusing on load times will prove to be beneficial in delivering fast, engaging software system/product

Test Plan:

A detailed test plan helps to effectively outline the approach, schedule the tests, anticipate the scope of the test effort and identify the resources required for carrying out the performance testing. Additionally, a test plan also pre-defines the areas to evaluate, the features to test, test design techniques and the environment in which the performance testing takes place.
A test plan will enable the QA team to run rigorous tests on the pre-specified factors for predictable and unpredictable user behavior with restricted and unrestricted user load and many other key performance measuring points.

Conducting Performance testing at an early stage:

More often than not, performance testing is pushed back until the end of the development phase. At such a point, it becomes quite tedious to resolve the issues quickly. Critical problems may even result in delaying the project and may cause cost escalation.
Making performance testing a part of the agile development process will allow you to find and fix the issues promptly.
When you run performance QA testing at the early stages of the application/software development cycle, you can evaluate its server performance, load balancing, network performance, web server performance at each stage against the expected load.
Whether you follow SDLC or Agile methodology for the application development, consider running the performance tests as the development advances to reduce the risk and cost of the project.

Think outside of the box:

It’s significant here to perceive performance testing as a whole. Blend the broader view of your system’s performance with the traditional performance testing strategies. Try and find out answers to the questions such as, what the customers are expecting? Do you have the right infrastructure to run the realistic tests? How to trace the issues back to the source? How testers and developers are going to collaborate? Focusing on all the directions will help you minimize the errors by a great extent.

Advantages of Performance Testing:

Performance testing in software development helps in following numerous ways:
• Assessing the amenability of the system
• Identifying and fixing the weakness in the architecture, if any
• Rectifying such bugs in the system which are otherwise extremely difficult to find
• Ensuring synchronization of the system
• Validating system resilience and reliability
To Recapitulate,
For any software development project, performance testing should be on point to guarantee a seamless experience. WaysNX Technologies not only excels in project development from scratch but also possesses the skills to deliver optimal QA.
Selenium Test Automation is one of the fortes of the company. Follow the specified performance testing best practices to decrease the errors and increase the accuracy.