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Top software development practices to follow in 2020

Modern times need modern solutions. In this pandemic, where the whole world has come to a standstill, regularizing business operations is a challenge. However, software development is one of the industries that seem to operate efficiently in a period of slow down.
Apps like Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom are boosting workforce collaboration and seamless interactions of the teams. Educational institutions can conduct online classes. Cloud Technology is offering remote access to the infrastructure. Chatbots act as digital workers for businesses to handle customer queries and various campaigns. By this way or the other, software applications are facilitating different industries to commence, regularize and continue their processes.
The year 2020 is full of challenges, and it requires us, especially the Information Technology sector to emerge with excellence, innovative solutions and scalable applications. As a result, development companies and the teams must follow software development best practices to ensure performance optimization and demand satisfaction.
Let’s learn about the top software development practices to follow in 2020 in the following section.

The era of new software architectures:

Software architecture lays the foundation of the solution. They define how the components of the software system should be organized or assembled, how they communicate with each other, and what constraints that govern the entire system.
Software architectures have evolved. For software development to cope with COVID-19 effects, it is important to adopt promising architecture that ensure scalability, fault isolation, assistance in the continuing development and deployment, codes management and so on.
Micro services, micro frontends, server less, component-based, or reactive are some modern architectures that look not only encouraging but also are highly preferred. Server less for flexible scale, Micro services for modularity, component-based for fast time-to-market, Micro frontends for maintenance of the codebase. Depending on the business and project requirements, one of the modern software architectures can be selected to build a solid foundation for development.

Upgrading to cloud technology

Accessibility, business continuity, high availability, disaster recovery are first and the foremost demands today. Cloud adoption is a one-stop solution for the needs of the business. Cloud services help in CapEx / OpEx cost optimization, help in capacity planning, enabling compliance, provide high availability/disaster recovery tools/services, optimize resource utilization and cost with Pay-as-you-go model.
To take advantage of the benefits that cloud offers, businesses can move from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud or migrate from one cloud service to another (Microsoft Azure to Amazon Web Services). Apart from this, new development projects can be built using only cloud infrastructure. The solution, called the cloud-native applications frees operations teams from the management of infrastructure resources manually.

Growing grounds of software outsourcing

There are many reasons for the outsourcing boom during and after the 19-COVID crisis. One is the new product ideas that will hit various companies and individuals and the necessity of skills to execute them. Chances are, many of them will look around for a technology partner to take from ideation to implementation phase.
Outsourcing has several advantages, including cost optimization. The cost of hiring a team or adding members to it is less than the establishment of a development team. You can hire a team with a diverse set of skills for a while. Depending on the project scope and requirements in the outsourcing model, team expansion or outsourcing products can be chosen.

Software development with new methodologies and approaches

Over time, there has been a paradigm shift in the way software applications are developed. The approaches, methods, tools, programming languages ​​used for development have changed. For example, if we talk about methods of project development, they have evolved from waterfall to Agile DevOps. The progress of these development approaches brings a change in access time to market application, performance, testing, development, team management, etc.
Similarly, new infrastructure management methods are put in place to allow the development of applications at an optimized cost, helps in capacity planning from the start, respect and safety assurance. The practice of managing the delivery and consumption of software in a cloud computing environment, called CloudOps is booming in the software development sector.
In addition to this, new approaches to software development, such as providing the modularity of the architecture, the development of the user interface by using reusable components are adopted to bring an overall improvement in the development and delivery of an application.

Switching to transformational technologies

Several technologies have up-scaled, allowing enterprises to deliver out-of-the-box solutions to customers. Transformational technologies, such as artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of things IoT, robotic automation process began to find cases of practical use in mobile solutions.
AI and ML are most widely used in computer adaptability examinations, chatbot applications, further in the form of robots in hospitals and various other industries to carry out duties.
Similarly, IoT, Blockchain, and other automation technologies are used in mobile applications to improve functionality. As companies realize the potential of these technologies, we will have more applications in the future that rely on them.


Modern software development best practices will deliver what the businesses are seeking. We have experienced a phase shift in demands in 2020 and saw some brilliant solutions for fulfilling those needs.
WaysNX Tech is contributing to offer innovative solutions to businesses from various industries via the unique line up of products. If you need a distinct product/application for your business, please get in touch with us for discussing the idea. WaysNX would ensure its development, deployment and maintenance.